The Heritage Club of Northeast Ohio

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1945 Mentor Ave.

1945 Mentor Ave., Painesville, OH

Join us the second Thursday of each month for in-depth political discussions that concern all members of the community.


Previous Meetings

Previous Meetings
Thursday, April 14, 2016

Benefits of Prepping & Self Reliance

Presented By Dan Toth, founder of the Frontiersmen, a nation-wide civil defense network. Founded in 2009 as a single group of friends and family to meet the challenges of any economic, man-made, or natural disaster event, quickly grew into a network of Frontiersmen units across Ohio, then spread nationally. The Frontiersmen model, dedication to patriotism, with a focus on the family has earned respect among the most prominent voices in the patriot community.

Learn why preparing for self reliance is so important for today’s World Tur-bulence, both Natural & Govt. Created Situations

March 8, 2016
Combined Meeting
American Cornerstone,
Ohio Citizens Defending the Constitution &
The Heritage Club of Northeast Ohio


Sheriff Richard Mack


Oregon Standoff and More

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